Buderus Logamatic TC100

Smart regulation, smart design.

Mobilise control of your heating with Buderus.

Your heating adapts to your needs.

Logamatic TC100 provides smart, Internet-enabled regulation that allows you to control your entire heating system with complete ease.

Logamatic TC100

Simply download the free app

Ease with Style

Slim, elegant and highly functional: The Logamatic TC100 is a true design masterpiece with its slimline casing and classy glass interface. The touchscreen can be operated easily and, most importantly, intuitively. Select the temperature you want, switch on the hot water – one swipe of a finger for every setting.

Enjoy even more features with the MyMode app: View your power consumption, set a customised time programme and control your heating the simple way, whenever and wherever you want.

Bosch Smart Home

Sophisticated features

Come home to a heated house: Thanks to the smart presence detection*, the control unit knows when you will get home and switches to the temperature you have selected. Improve the efficiency of your heating system even further by combining the control unit with the smart thermostats from Bosch Smart Home. This allows regulation of each individual room and improves ErP efficiency by 5%.

Intuitive mode selection on the control unit

For every requirement

Intuitive mode selection on the control unit: Choose between "at home"/"away", manual or automatic mode and switch the hot water on/off.


Welcome to the green zone!

The Eco Bar makes saving energy easy. A green scale shows you how efficiently and economically you are heating your home.

MyMode App

Controlled efficiency.

Always keep on top of your current energy consumption for heating and hot water using the energy consumption display. It gives you a daily overview of your energy costs.

Light in the dark.

The integrated ambient light gives you visual feedback whenever you change a setting in the app: Green for the holiday mode, red for a fault, orange for a temperature increase and blue for a temperature decrease.

Green for the holiday mode
red for a fault
orange for a temperature increase
blue for a temperature decrease